Orange Juice

Orange juice is typically the liquid obtained by squeezing the fruit of the orange tree.

It is also referred to as orange pulp or juicy bits in American and the English culture respectively.

The orange is botanically known as citrus sinensis or citrus aurantium and belongs to the botanical family of Rutaceae.

Orange juice can vary in its color and taste depending on the type and quality of the orange that is used to obtain the juice. It can thus vary from a light yellow orange color right upto a dark bloody reddish color when the juice is obtained from blood orange.

Oranges are now widely cultivated in different parts of the world and orange juice is one of the most popularly consumed beverages with a meal, especially breakfast. It is commonly referred to as OJ which is the initials for orange juice.

From the point of view of nutrition, orange juice is extremely rich in vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, copper, potassium, chlorine and sulphur.

It also contains a generous amount of fiber thus being extremely beneficial to the body especially the intestinal tract.

Physiologically, orange juice is an extremely good source of glucose and fiber It is known to help prevent colds, bleeding disorders and influenza.

It also helps build the immune response of the body and helps stimulate the stomach by improving secretion of the gastric juices thereby helping improve digestion.

Health benefits

Orange juice is known to be helpful in case of measles, tuberculosis and fevers.

In such cases it should be consumed with a tea spoon of honey and salt to soothe respiratory complaints as well as bring down fever. It is also an energy food and helps with recovery in such cases.

The intake of orange juice helps stimulate the stomach to secrete acid thereby helping improve digestion. This also helps to improve the appetite and helps not only remove the harmful bacteria in the stomach, but promotes the growth of the good bacteria.

Fiber is an extremely abundant and important component of orange juice and its intake helps cleanse the intestinal tract thereby improving intestinal health and hygiene.

This also helps with improvement of bowel movement and the fiber helps cleanse the harmful bacteria that may grow in the intestines thus preventing the occurrence of cancers of the intestinal tract to a large extent.

This also directly helps with promoting the growth of the good bacteria in the intestinal tract.

Vitamin B and Vitamin C are essential components required for maintaining the blood and the bone structure of the body. Both of these are found in orange juice thus adding on to another beneficial effect on the body.

Thus orange juice is advised to anemics and those having blood disorders as it helps improve the production of the blood cells.

Those suffering from joint and bone related problems also benefit owing to the vitamin C content and thus orange juice can be taken by the elderly who suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis as well as those that have teeth related disorders.

Children who are not breast fed have higher chances of suffering from diseases such as rickets and scurvy. A healthy diet comprising the same can help prevent such disorders thus being extremely helpful especially for the pediatric age group.

Orange juice with mixed with honey and consumed is known to help keep the heart healthy and improve cardiac function. It also helps in keeping the blood pressure in check and lowers the same of high.

Citrate in orange juice has a beneficial effect on the urine as it helps lower the acidity of the same. Citrate also helps improve the functioning of the kidney and is thus helpful in cases of kidney stones and helps not only flush the same out but prevents its recurrence.

The anti oxidant nature of orange juice along with its vitamin E content have a direct action on the skin and helps maintain its firmness and tone. It also helps treat any skin disorders and thus keeps the skin healthy. This thus helps slow down the aging process and also helps treat conditions such as black heads and acne which are a major cosmetic concern in today’s time.

Thus we see how widely beneficial orange juice is to the body and how its intake helps tackle and prevent various disorders and diseases.