Marigold Soft Extract

Marigold Soft Extract > 90%

General Information

Local Name            :  Marigold Extract ( Tagetes erecta)

Part Used               :  Dried flower meal

Active Principle    :  A xanthophyll – Lutein esters

Health Benefits

Protects retina against light induced damage.
Lower risk of cataract and age related macular degeneration (AMD).
Increased Lutein ester in serum after lutein supplementation.
Antioxidant activity and radical scavenging activity.
It has a proven role in the prevention of lung cancer.
Intake of lutein esters reduces Esophageal, Cancer, colorectal cancer risk, Diabetes.


Dark ornate coloured soft extract.
Marigold soft extract is offered in Oleoresin form 5% to 20%, Powder from 5% to 10% and in beadlet form 5%, 10%.