4 – Hydroxy Isoleucine

4 – Hydroxy Isoleucine

General Information

Local Name            :  Fenugreek

Part Used               :  Seeds

Active Principle    :  4-Hydroxyisoleucine

Health Benefits

It is a non-protein amino acids isolated from fenugreek seeds.
Promote the role of insulin secretion and used in diabetes treatment for glucose regulation.
4 – hydroxy-isoleucine will be more efficient to creatine in the muscle cells to enhance muscle strength and lean muscle mass.Increase strength and size of muscle cells.
It contain hormone precursors that can increase milk production in nursing mothers and it is widely used for insufficient lactation.
4 – Hydroxyisoleucine indirectly helps to lower the levels of triglycerides.
Is has been used to treat bronchitis and asthma. It is also considered a good herbal remedy for sore throat and coughs.
It has been used as an herb to promote hair growth both in women and men.
It has been used for skin irritation, such as ulcers, boils, eczema, dandruff and cellulite.


Yellowish to off-white free flowing hygroscopic powder.